Left Mouse Button Fix


Download Left Mouse Button Fix

What is it?

Have you ever had mouse problem where you click left mouse button, but your mouse execute double click? This is very common issue with mouse hardware. Basically it just happens to EVERY mouse after few months of use. Users know that, manufacturers knows that, but they don't do anything with it.

Known solutions

Buy new mouse. There is no soultion for that issue. Well, not until today.

My solution

Download and install the application below. That's all. Nothing more.


You will need .NET Framework. And mouse that has real clicking issues :)

I executed this application, what to do next?

Nothing. Your left mouse button is fixed now. You can minimize this application. Or close it. But have in mind - if you close this application, your mouse will be mulfunctioning again.

Known bugs

This application was tested on Windows Vista. So there'a no guarantee it will work on any other system.

1. When you close or minimize this application, it will take about 3 seconds to execute. This is known problem with Windows Vista. You just have to wait.

Questions? Bugs?

Please send message info@experienceit.pl